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Martin Parr: Inner Hebrides, Scotland
‘‘I don’t record just pure natural beauty,’’ Parr says. ‘‘That’s not what I’m into.’’ But on the Isle of Eigg, even when shooting something as quotidian as a clothesline, he admits that sometimes beauty ‘‘creeps in.’’ For the past 40 years, Parr has vacationed in the Scottish islands. Now he is considering a book and a show on Scotland largely comprising photographs he has taken theoretically off the clock. ‘‘I don’t believe in holidays. Why would you go away from the thing you love?’’

Where the World’s Greatest Photographers Go to Get Away

Rainbow over Rum taken from @isleofeigg of @thebothyproject view.  

We’re in the last stages of getting Sweeney’s Bothy all finished.  The bothy itself is beautiful - Bobby Niven from The Bothy Project has done an amazing job in building it with love & incredible attention to detail.  

Despite the focus being firmly on those final touches, it’s hard not to stop and wonder at the beauty of the surroundings.  Today we’ve had more rain and hail but, with the hint of spring sun in the air, so too came the magical combination of sunlight & showers; an incredible huge, full rainbow arching over the Isle of Rum.  

Photograph taken from Sweeney’s Bothy decking.


What does work sound like.

What should work sound like.

If you walked the floors of a successful, creative digital agency with your eyes closed could you tell if ‘things’ were getting done.

I noticed that @crashposition had a couple of playlists called “Music for coding and thinking - which got me thinking about the way developers use music.

I found this insight into the (for me) obscure world of coding, fascinating. “Flow”

Rose English is one of ninety collaborators commissioned by @MattsGallery London, to contribute a film to TAPS: Improvisations with Paul Burwell.

Over three days,TAPS combined film, installation and performance from the collaborators response to Burwell’s poem ‘Adventures in the House of Memory’.

Today it really was this beautiful. Amazing to have such incredible colours, even only for a moment or two. The weather has been unbelievably wet and windy this last while. Dreich dark days. But today is solstice. And tomorrow the long nights shift in favour of long days. Here’s a solstice toast to incredible colour on my lucky beautiful doorstep of an island, Eigg.

Soft sunny Sunday morning (at Isle of Eigg)

Temperature cones, put inside the kiln, melt at different temperatures to gauge how hot the kiln got. 950 degrees in the one on Laig beach. Hot enough also to make the sand change colour. Toasty!

The pit kiln was built by @alistairdearie who is on Eigg visiting  @thebothyproject while they’re building their new Sweeney’s Bothy here.  Sweeney’s Bothy is an artists’ collaboration, between the Bothy Project and the artist Alec Finlay.

The bothy will provide artists with a live work space on the island and will open late 2013/ early 2014.   Details of how to become involved will be released on the Bothy Project & Eigg Box’s websites and on Facebook & Twitter.



Pots fired in a pit kiln built in the sand on Laig beach on @isleofeigg by @alistairdearie 

Around 40 people popped by to see what Alistair was doing - helping gather and cut firewood for the kiln, provide a new stovepipe (thanks Mairi & Lachlan) and watch as the pots came out.   The sand had changed colour, becoming more pink, after the firing.  Alistair wasn’t sure why that had happened. 

When they went in, all the pots were the same colour.  Depending on where they were in the kiln, how close they were to the fire and whether the sand had collapsed on them or not, each pot came out a different colour and with different markings. 

After the firing, the kiln shelves and stovepipe were removed and charcoal that had been created given to a local artist.  The sand that had formed the kiln fell back into place and it was like it had never been there.  What a magical few days.